New Favorites


Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara by Tarte Cosmetics

This is my new favorite mascara. I love how it builds on the lashes. It’s hydrating and reparative. It lasts all day, doesn’t run,  yet comes off easily with eye makeup remover. And best of all, it is all natural, paraben and cruelty free!

Facial Oil

Tarte 100% Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil

I think oils are perfect to apply straight out of a hot shower right before bed. I like to have something rich to rehydrate my skin over night and apply something lighter under my makeup during the day. This Maracuja oil is perfect for the face and neck. Especially after a good steam and exfoliation. Again, it’s all natural, reparative, and free of parabens and mineral oils.

Thank you Tarte for creating a nourishing, natural, green, and amazing cosmetics line!!! Love it!!


Banana Manna Almond Shake with Carrot Coconut Juice from Beverly Hills Juice Co.

My friend Cindy introduced me to The Beverly Hills Juice Co. and now I am obsessed! They make the best juice I have ever had. Freshly pressed, nutritious, rich and organic.  There’s something about this little cash only business that’s been around since 1975 that no other juice place can compare to.  It’s all in how they press their juice that makes it so special.  I have tried to recreate what they do at home with my own juicer and Vita-Mix. But it’s just not the same. Their product is worth every penny. My favorite item on the menu is The Banana Manna Shake with Carrot Coconut Juice. The banana mana is an alternative to ice cream, made simply from banana and almonds or banana and sunflower seeds. Then blended with your favorite juice. And it doesn’t taste “banana-y”. To me, it’s such a decadent treat. Similar to a rich vanilla shake, but unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. And it’s guilt-free with nothing but simple, healthy, and delicious ingredients.  Juicing can do wonders for the skin. If you’re ever in the Beverly Hills area, stop by, treat yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Make sure you have cash! You’ll be hooked too!


Shark Vac-Then-Steam

I’m talking about a vacuum and steam cleaner in one! What does this have to do with hair or makeup? Not much, but it is one of my new most favorite things! Another obsession. If you have hard wood floors and like to keep them clean, then this is the perfect gadget for you! Especially if you live in polluted LA like I do. My friend Michelle, another amazing makeup artist, introduced and geeked out on me about this. And I am so grateful she did! I dont like mops, because they just push the dirt around. And the Swifter only works for smaller spaces. But the Shark not only cleans, it sanitizes your floor! It’s light weight, easy to assemble and use. And the best part is that you dont have to wait for your floor to dry before walking on it again. The steamer cleaning pad dries the floor within seconds. I LOVE this product! Thanks for introducing me, Michelle!

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