My Top 4 Favorite Moisturizers

In my very first blog, I expressed the importance of what we put inside of our bodies. Now I want to touch base on what we put on the outside. Skin absorbs 60% of products used topically, whether natural or chemical. So I try to use natural and organic products as much as possible. But being a makeup artist and hairstylist, it is not always easy or practical to avoid chemicals. I am asked all the time about natural/mineral makeup. In all honesty, my opinion is that it’s great for everyday use, but I have not found anything “natural” that works for film and TV.  (I promise to get more into this subject another time) Point is that I have yet to find any great chemical-free makeup lines. But there are amazing all-natural skin care products! And here are my top four…

#4 – Coconut Oil

Not only is coconut oil delicious and great for cooking, but it does wonders for the skin. Inexpensive, all-natural virgin, organic coconut oil from your local grocery store will do the trick. It’s loaded with antioxidants that keep the skin smooth and supple, while fighting against free radical damage and long-term signs of aging. It also promotes skin elasticity and wont clog pores. It helps with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Coconut oil is so naturally perfect, healing, and versatile. No man made product could ever compare. It can be used as an eye makeup remover, shaving cream, hair conditioner…..the list goes on. Great for inside the body, all over the body, face, and hair.

#3 – Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream

I love this stuff because it absorbs instantly in the skin and does not leave a greasy residue. It is also free of parabens, phytoestrogens, petroleum, gluten, and soy. It contains zinc, a natural sunscreen and is safe for everyone including babies.

#2 – Ghee

Ghee is essentially clarified butter. A lactose free product as the result of the process of melting, simmering, evaporating, and separating milk solids. Ghee, like coconut oil is also a delicious and nutritious item to have in the kitchen. It is mostly popular in Ayurveda for its healing qualities.  I love it as an all over face and body moisturizer. It used to be my favorite product to coat myself in straight out of the shower. That was until my boyfriend started doing the most horrible Elmer Fudd impression.  “You waskally wabbit! Why dont you come over here and take a nice warm bath? I’m going to make wabbit stew!” Yes, I was all “buttered” up and I smelled like it too.  But the way my skin radiates and glows from ghee is like no other.  I still use it every once and a while despite my boyfriend’s awful impersonations.  It soothes and nourishes and is great as a massage oil. It’s also wonderful for scrapes and burns. If I had one word to describe ghee, I instantly think nurturing.

#1 goe oil by Jao

My newest discovery and now my favorite! It is an all over body oil for hands, elbows, knees, feet, heels, and hair. Goe Oil is great as an eye makeup remover and soothes chapped skin and cuticles. It is 100% natural, free of parabens, sulphates, and synthetic fragrance. Yet it smells AMAZING without being harsh or artificial.  This product is great in replacing sebum, the natural oils our skin produces and loses due to age, environmental stress, and weather. I love love love my newest indulgence!

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