Girl Time

After a week of spending lots of quality time with some of my best girl friends, I feel compelled to stress the importance of girl time! It is vital! So good for the soul. Girls…. we need each other to relate, laugh, dream, and play like we did when we were kids.

I let off some steam and had a sleepover with my dear friend Kimmi in her magical little cabin. I brought over yummy food to cook and an array of botanical scrubs, lotions, and masks for our skin and hair. We made dinner and pampered ourselves with an at home spa night. All at our leisure.

The next morning, after sleeping in for once, my girlfriend took me to Cafe Mimosa located in Topanga Canyon where I became obsessed with these muffins. I’m not really a muffin girl. But I was enticed by the variety of fresh, locally-made, gluten and sugar-free options. Oat and Flax filled with Raspberry, Banana-Chocolate, Blueberry-Lemon, Apple, Pear, Carrot…. I got them all! I had to try! Not all coffee shops carry such things. I think, maybe, I will be moving to Topanga in my very near future.

Anyway, our girl time did not end there. We met up with another girlfriend and laid out on the beach on a gorgeous, perfect, sunny September day in LA. We soaked up all the vitamin D we could get. We laughed about boys. Played in the refreshingly clear and calm ocean water.

Sunshine, fresh air, ocean water, good friends, laughter… nothing can make a girl feel more beautiful.

Our day didn’t stop at the beach. We carried on and met up with another girlfriend. Ate some more food. Had our heart to hearts. Shared the energy with her new little girl that just entered this world only a month ago.

I’m guessing there’s already such a thing as National Girlfriends Day that exists somewhere. I think that day should be any day we feel like we wanna connect. Pamper ourselves. Tell a secret. Anytime we want to feel beautiful. Feel like women or little girls again. Anytime we wanna eat ice cream or muffins.

What’s good for my soul is good for every cell in my physical body. So thank you girlfriends for making my skin glow just a little bit more.

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